This Policy has been established by Borealis Denizcilik A.S.; (Company), to provide a safe and healthy work environment, ensure the prevention of injury, loss of life, environmental protection, for the marine environment in particular, and damage to property; to maintain a practice of pollution free operations; compliant with the codes, guidelines and standards of National and International Laws, and Mandated Territorial Laws of respective Flag State Administrations among the Company’s Fleet; combining to ensure a dedication to quality, surpassing the needs and requirements of the Company's customers.

The SQEMS Manual provides a compliance guide for all Company employees and Contractors; of the Company’s established Safety Management System: SMS; for the promulgation of the ISM Code, Laws of respective Flag State Administrations, and the Company’s own principles and objectives for ‘Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection, among itsFleet.

Throughout this ‘Policy,’ ‘Contractor’ shall include any third party that has agreed to perform work or provide services, materials, parts or products, either directly or indirectly to Borealis Denizcilik A.S. Contractor shall also include, but is not limited to, Contractors employees and other personnel, the employees and other personnel of Contractors subcontractors, (subcontractors include any workmen and/or suppliers) who have been retained by Contractor to perform work or services for Borealis on Borealis property or ‘Area of Operations.’ Contractor shall require its employees and other personnel (e.g.: subcontractors) to comply with the requirements set forth in this ‘Policy’.

Contents of the Company’s SQEMS are compliant with; IMO requirements of: ‘Resolution A741/18; International Safety Standards’.

Company Objectives:

Ensure safe operational practices, thus providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Identify and assess risks and hazards to personnel, environment and Fleet vessels; establishing appropriate safeguards. Continuous improvement of SMS awareness and operational skills through familiarization, comprehensive training and instruction of all Company Fleet personnel; including coordination of responses to both safety and environmental emergencies.

Improve and maintain the highest safety and quality standards at optimum cost, while ensuring a ‘Pollution Free Work Environment,’ through; ‘Safe Operational Practices.’ Suitable to the nature and scale of ‘Environmental Impact,’ Borealis’s Operations as a; ‘Ship Management Company,’ place on the ‘Eco-System.’ Dedication to meet all applicable safety and environmental codes, guidelines and standards, together with compliance of respective ‘Flag State Administrations,’ among the Company’s Fleet.

Commitment to the continued improvement of the Company’s established SMS, ensuring that all Fleet employees and ‘Contractors’ realize; a personal commitment and responsibility toward upholding the Company’s target of a flawless operations with; zero loss of life, zero injuries, zero incidents and zero pollution.

Objectives Attained By:

Maintaining a high standard of safety awareness, and recognition of personal accountability, through familiarity with the Company’s established SMS; underlining the importance of individual participation in the Company’s ongoing safety familiarization, and comprehensive training and instruction programs.

Setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets while promoting essential ‘feedback’; necessary for the accurate recording of; investigation, review and assessment of; safety, quality and environmental protection reports, resulting in appropriate action and refinement of the Company’s established SMS.

Ensuring full adherence at all times, by all personnel; to documented operational procedures, including; continuous review of all mandatory rules, regulations, codes and guidelines relevant to specific vessel types and trades.

Conducting; ‘Regular and Annual Internal Audits and Inspections,’ and documentation maintenance per; latest version of ISM Code, regular ‘Management Reviews,’ at planned intervals to ensure progression, and the continued adequacy and effectiveness of the Company’s established SMS.

Commitment of Management:

I promise and commit to take full responsibility for the implementation of the safety, quality and environmental management system, according to ‘Occupational Health’ requirements, and guarantee that all personnel working ashore and afloat, including the Masters on board, perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Manual.

I have entrusted the responsibility and the authority for the supervision and maintenance of the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System to the DPA. The DPA shall point out problems in Safety, Quality and Environmental Management; propose, recommend and offer solutions and measures; and shall have full authority and responsibility necessary to maintain and improve the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System. Further, Management shall provide the DPA with the necessary funding for the continued implementation and maintenance of the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System. In addition, the DPA shall give necessary instructions to respective Departments and Master’s, discuss issues and problems with respective ‘Department Supervisors,’ and work to resolve them.

The basic policy related to the Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System of the Company has been described above.
This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all persons working in behalf of Borealis Denizcilik A.S.
All employees are requested to adhere to this policy.

We, Borealis Denizcilik A.Ş., do not recruit seafarers for the vessels managed. We are solely Technial Manager. For job applications you will be redirected to the relevant page, reccomended by the owner .Please press the Apply button.

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