Borealis Denizcilik A.S., (Company) maintains a; ‘Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy’ among; Fleet personnel of ‘ALL’ ranks and ratings. Therefore, this Policy is in keeping with the Company’s ‘Commitment and Vision’ to; ‘Reach the target of a flawless operation, with zero incidents and zero spills, providing the highest quality service for its Customers’, while; maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, the ecosystem, and in the ‘keeping’ of Company, and third party property.

Seafarers Note: All Company seafarers, regardless of rank or rate, aboard respective vessels of Borealis’ Fleet; are obligated to conduct themselves in a professional, responsible and sober manner at all times during; ‘tours of duty’; remembering the potentially catastrophic results of; a single wanton act; through one individuals negligence while loading, discharging or transporting hazardous cargoes. (SEE: Procedure Notes: (ALL) this Section)

‘ALL Company Fleet Employees’; shall be expected to ‘Familiarize’ (SEE: Procedure Note 01; this Section) themselves with the Company’s ‘Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy’ here outlined, acting in accordance with, and support of, this Company Policy at ‘ALL’ times.

General: Being properly informed, and acting prudently, is every employee’s responsibility.’ ‘NO Exceptions’. Failure to; ‘Know and Practice this ‘Company Policy,’ can mean:
1) ‘Loss of Lives’ ashore and/or afloat
2) ‘Pollution of the Environment’
3) ‘Loss of Vessel’ and/or Facilities and/or other Property
4) ‘Loss of Job’ and/or Documents; Meaning ‘YOUR’ Career and Livelihood

The Company’s; ‘Drug and Alcohol Policy;’ complies with; (OCIMF): ‘Oil Companies International Marine Forum’: ‘Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ships’. 

Company Objectives: 

The possession, distribution, use, sale or sharing of ‘Alcohol’, as a beverage, in any form; the possession, distribution, use, sale or sharing of ‘Drugs and/or Medications’, (SEE: Procedure Notes: 02,03,04; this Section), the possession of ‘Drug Paraphernalia’; (SEE: Procedure Note: 05; this Section) for ‘ANY’ reason, at ‘ANY’ time; aboard respective Company Fleet vessels is prohibited by the Company, and constitutes grounds for; ‘Immediate Dismissal’, ‘No Exceptions’. (SEE: Procedure Notes: 09,10,11,12,13; this Section) 
‘Unfit for Duty’ due to; ‘Drugs, Alcohol and/or Medications, constitutes grounds for; ‘Immediate Dismissal’, ‘No Exceptions’. (SEE: Procedure Notes: 09,10,11,13; this Section) Any ‘Drug and/or Alcohol’ impairment of any kind while; ‘On Duty, On Watch or Turned To’ constitutes grounds for; ‘Immediate Dismissal’, ‘No Exceptions’. (SEE: Procedure Notes: 09,10,11,13; this Section) 
Pilots, Contractors, office personnel, vendors, guests and ‘All Others’, coming aboard; respective Company Fleet vessels or Company premises, shall comply with the Company’s ‘Zero Drug and Alcohol Tolerance Policy,’ and must therefore submit to search upon arrival. ‘Anyone’ violating this ‘Company Policy’ or in ‘Collusion’ (SEE: Procedure Notes 06,07; this Section) with such person(s), shall be denied access to ‘ALL’ Company properties, ashore and afloat. (SEE: Procedure Notes: 09,10,11,13; this Section) 

We, Borealis Denizcilik A.Ş., do not recruit seafarers for the vessels managed. We are solely Technial Manager. For job applications you will be redirected to the relevant page, reccomended by the owner .Please press the Apply button.

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